Marco Nihipali "Shorts" Anders


Age: 22
Sex: Male
Home Planet: Persephone
Training: Military Private Academy
FERO Name: King Kamehameha or just ‘King’
Call Sign: Shorts
Theme: “New Dark Ages” by Bad Religion


Character Story

Well the story of Marco really starts with his grandfather David who was one of the Islanders from Hawaii that was picked up off of Earth to populate the resorts on Persephone. The Islander workers were forced to become little more than paid slave servants and David knew what awaited him so he lead a passenger revolt on the ship they were packed in and took control of it. After which he started a campaign of piracy that lasted for the next twelve years before he settled down with a new identity on the planet he was once to be a slave on but now welcomed and a wealthy merchant. Now forty two with a wife and a daughter of six he set up an organized crime family that over saw all of the illegal vice markets from drugs too sex of the hotels and resorts. If it happened on Persephone and it was illegal his family had a hand in it but his family also keeps this illegal dealings running smoothly and none violently.

His daughter Brenda who knew nothing of her father’s business married at the age of 18 and gave birth to Marco a little over a year later. Brenda’s husband, a none Islander, John on the other hand knew what his new family was into and even had some dealings in their business and after marring Brenda took his place a David’s second in all the family’s dealings. Life was good for the family at lest until Marco was seven when his mother disappeared and was latter declared dead by law officials despite the fact that they never found a body just a threat note that was sent to the family by a rival crime organization. Even with these events John and David managed to keep Marco from finding out the truth.

Marco was crushed by his mother’s disappearance but with his grandfather’s help he healed and it was during this time that David would tell Marco stories of space pirates, FERO pilots and daring battles. Marco was later encouraged by his grandfather to attend the best military private school at the age of 14. Marco excelled at the military school, even though he was the only Islander there and he scored the highest marks in simulated FERO piloting in his year. Despite his natural talents Marco never really had any interest in joining the military to the anger of many of his instructors he was only doing it for his grandfather’s sake as he was more interested in surfing, girls and parting in other words all the things worth living for in life.

Upon his graduation at age 18 Marco left home and headed for the nearest beach and never looked back because he had no reason too he received a family allowance that paid for more than he needed. For the next four years life was good just one great surfing trip after another with friends and parts too numerous to count. A few months after his 22’nd birthday Marco received word that his grandfather David had died of a heart attack and that all members of the family were to attend his funeral. Marco arrived just in time for the funeral and then the next day he was forced to set in a reading of his grandfather’s will. It was during this reading that Marco would told the truth about his family from his grandfather’s recorded lips while he told Marco how he had been a pirate and had accumulated a large wealth which included a starship and a FERO. The starship had been stolen several years ago but the FERO was Marco’s as long as he accepted the terms of ownership of it. The terms of this gift was that Marco was to take the FERO and find his own destiny as his grandfather had done.

Marco’s father John was not pleased by the will at all, even though he retained total control over the family business but the fact was he had been cut out of things do to the fact that he was not a Islander. John told Marco that he would buy the FERO off of his son but from now on if Marco wanted his allowance he would have to agree to marry a member of a rival crime family that John wanted to make stronger ties with. As Marco had no desire to marry some woman he didn’t know he decided to take his FERO even though it meant that his father was going to cut him off from the family until see saw reason.

Now with his military academy training his pretty smile and his grandfather’s old FERO Marco must find his destiny and some way to keep money in his pocket. Well to Marco the answer was a simple as the poster of Silla one of the Dirty Dozen on his wall, he would become a mercenary.

Marco Nihipali "Shorts" Anders

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